Discovering the “NON-ALCOHOLIC” PARTY

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November 1, 2021

Some of you may or may not know that I was hospitalized with pancreas issues in November of 2009, prior that time doing events and nightclubs I used to drink what seemed to be noon to night some days. That week from November 15th 2009 to the day before thanksgiving 2009I spent in the hospital. I somewhat call it a gift, although I was in pain and at times felt like my stomach was getting hit with a chainsaw for hours….wait THIS isn’t about my hospitalization or how much I loved to drink so lets fast forward !! So I have not had a sip of an alcohol beverage since 2009 this month to be exact , I’d assume even a cough drop would get me tipsy at this point. I love the taste of champagne and I was going to a formal event over the weekend so I decided I want to check and see if theres some alternates that would give me the same flavor minus the alcohol…hmmmm! So my google searches and hashtag searches lead me to total wines to check out some champagnes with “ALCOHOL REMOVED” and on the same isle I stumbled across RITUAL ZERO PROOF!! amazed that THIS company has a brand of NON ALCOHOLIC Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey & Tequila …!! So looking at the ingredients in this amazing find TWO of my all time favorites were in stamped across the front of the bottle GINGER & CINNAMON so it was already a lead for the purchase, not to mention @ritualzeroproof instagram page is highly decorated and inviting I was sold!! So now heres the test..i crack the bottle open as if it was early 2009 grab a few ice cubes and popped the cork out of this beautifully crafted and labeled bottle and the first thing my lady yells out of the background is “I CAN SMELL IT IS IT REALLY NON ALCOHOLIC”…lol

With the first sip i was feeling like, this can not be real, this taste , this smell, the smoothness all were to familiar BUT here i am hours later feeling just like I did this morning , no dizzy tipsy feeling, and I dont feel like my stomach is in pain , I actually feel like taking another sip right now lol!!!

Im looking forward to tasting the other products in the RITUAL ZERO PROOF FAMILY and I’m already Making plans to find ways to get club owners and bartenders to start carrying this cool alternative to alcoholic specials. To all of my bottle servers around the world prepare yourself to put some sparklers and lights on some NON ALCOHOLIC bottles and keep the PARTY rolling along !!

-Gee Hicks

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Great content! Keep up the good work!

5 January at 02:00
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Party With Gee

Thank you so much , definitely appreciate the feed back and support

7 January at 13:54

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